Getting Started with 5th Star

This simple-to-follow guide can get you up and running in under 5 Minutes! 

How to Install 5th Star

Step 1. Log in to or Open Email Purchase Confirmation

Step 2. Download file

Step 3. Log in to WordPress and click Plugins then Add New

Step 4. Click Upload Plugin and Upload File

Step 5. Click Activate Plugin

Step 6. Copy your 5th Star License Key

 Step 7. In WordPress, Open 5th Star Plugin and Paste License Key

Step 8. Click Save Changes then click Activate License 


🎉 Congratulations! 5th Star is Now Activated on your Website! 


How to Setup 5th Star

Step 1. Open 5th Star Plugin in WordPress

Step 2. Click Add New

Step 3. Name Your Pop-Up

Step 4. Select the Design Template

Step 5. Enter Admin Email
(This is the email address that will intercept the negative reviews)

Step 6. Set your Minimum Review Rating
(This determines which Reviews get Blocked. Example: if set to 4, any rating lower than 4 will be Blocked)

 Step 7. In Select Pop-Up Trigger (Duration or Scroll)

Step 8. Set Trigger Value (Duration: number of seconds before displaying pop-up. Scroll: percent of page is scrolled before displaying pop-up)

Step 9.

  • Show Pop-up After X Visits: Pop-up will be displayed after a user visits your page X times.
  • Stop Showing Pop-up After X Visits: Pop-up will stop Displaying after user visits page X times.
  • Stop Showing Pop-up After Review Submission: Chances are, you want this selected “YES“. After a user submits a review, the Pop-up will not display for them again.

Step  10. Select Background Overlay Color and Pop-up Background Color

Step 11. Upload Your Logo

Step 12. Edit your Header and Body Messages and Text Color.

Step 13. Edit Star Colors (Optional)

Step 14. Scroll to the top and click Publish

Step 15. Copy Shortcode

Step 15. Paste Shortcode into the Page you want 5th Star to Display

Step 15. Click Update

🎉 Congratulations! 5th Star is Now Live on your Webpage! 


How to Install and Setup 5th Star – Video Tutorial

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